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Holly Health Gift Card

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The Personalised Healthy Habit Coach and Cheerleader

Sticking to healthy habits is hard! Especially when we're busy and stressed, trying to get a million things done (a.k.a. the path to burnout).

That's why Holly Health focuses on personalised and fun-size everyday actions that help us to feel better physically and mentally. Because who needs another hard thing on our to-do list?

The Holly Health app is a science-backed digital health coach that supports you with personalised and adaptive habit recommendations and reminders, 24/7 "in the moment" support for when things get challenging, friendly everyday motivation, hand picked articles and videos, and much more. Holly Health, accredited by ORCHA and used by NHS primary care practices, is rated within the top 2% of health apps internationally.

Based on each person's unique goals and challenges, the digital Holly bird will help you to pick the best habits for you from 50+ options across:

  • Exercise (e.g. a quick walk at lunch or a stretch between meetings)
  • Nutrition (e.g. drinking more water or eating more veg variety)
  • Relationship with food (e.g. less stress eating)
  • Sleep (e.g. read a couple of pages of a book before bed)
  • Mental wellbeing (e.g. a quick music boost to power through the afternoon)

This is your catch-all wellbeing service!

It’s time to put wellbeing first, with 40% off consumer prices via Tillo


Redemption Instructions

This gift card expires in 6 months.

You can redeem 1 Holly Health e-Gift card per order. You can purchase the 6 or 12 month service options with this e-gift card.

Terms and Conditions

Please see here for full Holly Health terms and conditions: hollyhealth.io/terms.

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