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GO Points gift card
GO Points gift card
GO Points gift card

GO Points reward you

GO Points reward you

for shopping with us

For every £1* you spend at Gift Off, earn 1 GO Point. When paying with digital currencies, this doubles to 2 GO Points for every £1 spent.**

When spending your GO points, 100 points will discount £1 off the purchase price.

*Or equivalent in your local currency
**Excludes the GO Points gift card and ineligible gift cards

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GO Points

How do GO Points work?

When you place an order with Gift Off, GO Points are automatically added to your account.

Check your dashboard to see how many GO Points you have.

Add some, or all of your GO Points at the checkout, to get money off when you make your next order.

Give the gift of GO Points

Can’t decide which gift card your recipient would enjoy the most? Send them a GO Points gift card and let them choose what they really want.

GO Points gift card

Looking to make large, regular orders with Gift Off?

Get in touch to discuss our bulk buy order system and turbo charge your discounts.