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We are Gift Off, founded in 2013, with a small team based in Norwich, home of Alan Partridge. Our site offers a wide range of digital-only gift cards to the UK, Europe and across the globe.

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Beach holiday gift card
Fitbit gift card
Nike trainer gift card
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Our Goal

Through innovating the digital gifting experience we hope to:

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Our Promise

Customer Focus

We only offer gift cards from retailers who provide a seamless digital gifting experience. We only roll out features we are confident will add value and benefit our customers. Our focus is on creating a great service for the long-term, instead of rapid growth and quick rewards.

Environmentally Responsible

Our service aims to make it easy to ditch plastic and paper gift cards. We’ve all received a gift we didn’t want, struggled to pick the right gift for someone, or found it hard to find small gifts that have use and value for the recipient. Digital gift cards help to reduce waste from unwanted physical gifts.

Gift Off
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Gift Givers

Choose from a wide range of digital gift cards, personalise and send your gift through our quick, easy, interactive platform. No more plastic gift cards going to landfill.


Get rewarded with GO Points, easily stick to your gift giving budget, eliminate postage costs, get reminded when a gift card is due to expire so you get reminded when a gift card is due to expire, and never lose a gift card again.

Cryptocurrency Users

Make day-to-day purchases with a wide range of major retailers who don’t accept cryptocurrencies directly.


Reward and incentivise your employees with things they’ll actually value, through our bulk-buy gift card portal or our white-labelled service. Get in touch to find out more.

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