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Sainsbury's Gift Card

Redeem online and in-store.

The Sainsbury's e-gift card can be paid for with credit and debit cards, and digital currencies, like bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, dogecoin, litecoin or ripple.

This gift card can be redeemed in United Kingdom. You will not earn GO Points when you buy this gift card.

Explore Unlimited Choices with the Sainsbury's Gift Card

Dive into a world of possibilities with the Sainsbury's gift card, granting access to an extensive range of products across food and beverages, TU fashion, homewares, electronics, toys, and captivating books. With over 1400 stores nationwide, enjoy the convenience and versatility of Sainsbury's while earning valuable Nectar points on every purchase. Established 150 years ago in London, Sainsbury's has evolved into one of the UK's premier food retailers, with 600 supermarkets, 800 convenience stores, and nearly a quarter-million online orders weekly. Renowned for our commitment to exceptional quality, diversity, and the origins of our food, Sainsbury's gift card experience reflects our reputation for excellence and choice.

Redemption Instructions

This gift card expires in 24 months.

Unlock the value of your Sainsbury's gift card with these easy steps:

  1. Explore: Visit Sainsbury's to explore our vast selection of products both in-store and online.
  2. Shop: Select your desired items and proceed to checkout.
  3. Redeem Online: For online purchases, enter your Sainsbury's eGift Card code during checkout. Please note the following online redemption details: You may spend a maximum of £50.00 from a Sainsbury's eGift Card in any single online grocery order. The eGift Card cannot be the sole payment method; it must be accompanied by a credit or debit card payment. Once exchanged into your online account, the value from an eGift Card cannot be removed and can only be spent on online shopping.
  4. Redeem In-Store: For in-store purchases, present your Sainsbury's eGift Card at the checkout. There is no limit to the number of eGift Cards that can be used per transaction, but the total value cannot exceed £250.

For Balance Inquiries: Contact +44 800 63 62 62 or visit

For More Information: Explore the Sainsbury's gift card FAQ here:

Terms and Conditions

For detailed terms and conditions regarding the use and redemption of your Sainsbury's eGift Card, please visit Please note that the Sainsbury's eGift Card cannot be cancelled or refunded.

Excluded products for Sainsbury's eGiftCards:

  • Branded Gift Cards.
  • Paypoint products and services.
  • Postage stamps.
  • Petrol and Diesel.
  • Online delivery charges.
  • All lottery related products.
  • Tobacco and related products.
  • All in-store concessions.
  • Mobile phone top-ups.
  • Travel money

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