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Smoothie King USA Gift Card

Redeem in-store.

The Smoothie King USA e-gift card can be paid for with credit and debit cards only.

This gift card can be redeemed in United States of America. You will earn GO Points when you buy this gift card.

Elevate your well-being and indulge in the goodness of health with Smoothie King USA digital vouchers! Give the gift that aligns with their purpose by nurturing passion and promoting wellness. A Smoothie King gift card unlocks a world of flavorful blends, each crafted with precision to support health, fitness, and better-for-you snacking. Embark on a journey of nourishment and vitality, as Smoothie King takes pride in delivering wholesome options that cater to individual lifestyles. With a gift card in hand, you're not just gifting a beverage; you're fostering a commitment to a healthier, more vibrant life. Explore the world of purposeful nutrition with Smoothie King USA digital vouchers – the ideal gift for those who value well-being.


Redemption Instructions

This gift card does not expire.

Indulging in the goodness of Smoothie King with your digital voucher is a simple delight! Just visit any Smoothie King location, where you can effortlessly display your gift card on your phone or choose to print it off. Whether you're on a journey to wellness or simply craving a refreshing blend, your Smoothie King digital voucher ensures a seamless experience at the counter. Elevate your taste buds and nourish your purpose with the healthful offerings that Smoothie King has in store for you.

Terms and Conditions

You may use this card at participating Smoothie King® locations, online at and the Smoothie King app. Purchases will be deducted from this card until the value reaches zero. Additional value may be added at any time. This is not a credit/debit card. Lost or stolen cards cannot be replaced, and cards are not redeemable for cash. This card does not expire, and no dormancy fees will be charged. We look forward to serving you and hope you enjoy the convenience of this card. For card balance inquiries, please visit © 2022 Smoothie King Franchises, Inc.

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