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This gift card can be redeemed in United Kingdom. You will earn GO Points when you buy this gift card.

Welcome to Healthy Minds Club, your gateway to proactive mental health and holistic well-being. Our platform operates on three core principles: proactive, preventative, and personalized care. We specialize in assisting companies in cultivating comprehensive well-being strategies that make a measurable impact on employee satisfaction and overall business success.

Our suite of tools facilitates seamless connections between screened, qualified experts and employees, empowering individuals to prevent potential issues and achieve personal well-being milestones. Through tailored 1:1 virtual sessions with our range of highly skilled professionals—from positive psychology-focused Psychotherapists, Counsellors, and Life Coaches to Meditation Experts, Nutritionists, and more—we guide each employee in constructing a personalized resilience toolkit.

Employing a meticulously designed and clinically approved questionnaire, we navigate employees towards the right experts, ensuring they gain support in stress management, confidence building, purpose finding, workload management, and health prioritization. Our mission is to help individuals proactively manage their mental health while achieving life and career milestones. Discover the power of a resilient, healthy mind with Healthy Minds Club.

Redemption Instructions

This gift card expires in 18 months.

Curious about your Healthy Minds Club Gift Card balance or how to make the most of it? Visit for comprehensive information on redeeming your card, checking your balance, and unlocking the benefits of our proactive mental health and well-being platform.

Terms and Conditions

Explore the full terms and conditions for your Healthy Minds Club eGift Card at Uncover the comprehensive details to better understand the guidelines and make the most of your experience with our proactive mental health and well-being platform.

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