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Got questions? Gift Off has answers.

  • About Gift Off
    • What is Gift Off?

      Gift Off is the quick and easy way to buy digital gift cards in the UK and Europe.

      With over 70 gift cards to choose from, including Currys PC World, Tesco and M&S, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect gift card for family and friends every time.

      We believe in rewarding our lovely customers for choosing to shop with us via Gift Off Points! Collect loyalty points when you buy selected gift cards and make savings on future purchases.

      We’re also proud supporters of digital currencies! Gift Off accepts bitcoin as well as 40+ altcoins. Our digital currency customers can buy almost anything with ease using their preferred currency. They also benefit from turbo-charged Gift Off Points, making shopping with digital currencies even more rewarding.

      For our European friends we have a selection of major European retailers as well as a number of cards that work worldwide. Filter the gift cards by location to see which cards will work for you.

    • Who are the team behind Gift Off?

      You can find out more about the Gift Off team on our about page.

  • Placing an Order
    • I received email confirmation of my order, but where’s my gift card?

      You’ll receive another email to let you know when your gift card is ready to use. Once it’s ready, your gift card will be available to view and spend in your dashboard whether it’s a PDF, link, code or code and pin.

    • How do I buy gift cards in bulk?

      If you want to make bulk orders with bitcoin or UK bank transfer, please get in touch using [email protected] and we'll be happy to help.

    • What forms of payment do you accept?

      We currently accept UK credit and debit cards and a range of digital currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Dash.

    • What is your returns policy?

      All purchases made through the Gift Off website are final. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

    • What happens if Gift Off cancels an order?

      If Gift Off cancels your order, you will not be charged.

      If you have paid with credit or debit card, whilst we take action immediately to cancel an order and reverse the payment, it may take up to seven days for the purchase amount to show on your bank statement. Please contact us via [email protected] if, after seven days, the amount has not appeared on your statement.

    • How do I place an order?

      We’ve tried to make our service as simple to use as possible. To place an order you simply:

      • Find the gift card you want to purchase
      • Choose the value of the card
      • Select Buy Now

      In the checkout you can:

      • Select the currency you’d like to pay with
      • Use a promo code
      • Use some of your Gift Off Points to pay for part of all of your purchase

      You’ll be asked to sign in during the order process if you haven’t done so beforehand. Follow our easy-peasy checkout instructions, which will be slightly different for credit/debit card and digital currency customers.

      Then, sit back and relax while we process your order. You’ll receive an order confirmation email and another to let you know that your gift card is ready to use in your user dashboard.

    • I’m new to digital currencies. How do I make a payment?

      Once you have selected your gift card and card value, you will be taken to a payment page where you can select the digital currency you wish to pay with. The exact amount in your chosen currency will appear on this page. Be sure to check that all details are correct before making continuing with payment.

      Always check for any sender’s fees in the transaction, as they may cause underpayments, which will require full refunds or longer processing times.

      Bitcoin payments

      When paying in bitcoin, click Buy Now and a Bitpay invoice will be generated. You then have 3 options to complete your payment:

      • Copy and paste - Copy and paste the bitcoin address to pay directly from your own Bitcoin wallet.
      • Click and confirm - If you have a desktop wallet installed select, Pay with Bitcoin and proceed with the transaction via your wallet, which will automatically be opened.
      • Mobile QR scan - If you have a Bitcoin wallet on your mobile, scan the QR code and input the transaction amount.

      Altcoin payments

      When paying with an altcoin, click Buy Now and an invoice will be generated showing the required receiving address and amount. Once you have paid the correct amount from your wallet, click I Have Paid and sit back while we process your order.

      After making a payment you can check the status of your order in your dashboard whenever you like.

    • Can I check how my order is progressing?

      You certainly can! Head to the Transactions section of your dashboard to see your orders and to see how they’re progressing. You’ll also receive an email to confirm the status of your order and another to let you know your gift card is ready to use in your dashboard.

    • How long does it take to receive my gift card?

      When paying with digital currencies:

      Most orders are processed and completed within 1 confirmation (~10 minutes) on the Bitcoin network, but can take up to three working days to arrive, depending on the merchant or availability. Longer expected delivery times are usually stated during the checkout process.

      Nonetheless, if you need a gift card immediately and are unsure of delivery times, please email [email protected] and we will give you an estimated delivery time as soon as possible.

      For altcoin orders, orders are completed on average within an hour.

      When paying with debit or credit card:

      Orders are completed after just a few minutes.

      If the order process exceeds 8 hours from a completed payment, please contact us and we will look into it straight away.

    • I’m not sure if I paid the invoice properly. What should I do?

      First, check your payment status bar in your dashboard. If it shows that payment is Incomplete then payment has not been made fully.

      Typically this will be because of an underpayment from a sender’s fee. We are notified of underpayments and will reach out to you about a refund if one is needed.

      The 3 most common reasons for underpaid invoices:

      1. Not including a fee in the payment amount (always check your wallet client settings)
      2. Paying the fiat value of the invoice instead of the BTC amount due (BTC exchange rates differ between sites)
      3. Using a bitcoin exchange to make the payment (fees are typically deducted from payment and a different exchange rate is used)

      Sometimes the payment may have arrived outside BitPay’s invoice time window of 15 minutes. Please do not send bitcoin from exchange wallets as this may cause delayed payments and we will need to refund these payments.

      If you have a payment that has not been completed within 3 hours of sending, please contact us via [email protected] and we’ll be on hand to help.

    • There was a problem with my order.

      Not to worry, our support team are on hand to help. Get in touch via [email protected].

    • Are there any transaction limits on how much I can spend?

      Orders of any size are welcome!

    • Can I cancel my order or get a refund?

      Gift cards that have been sent out cannot be cancelled and once an order is placed it cannot be reversed except at Gift Off’s discretion in exceptional circumstances. Please view our Terms and Conditions for more details.

    • What payment processor do you use?

      We use UTP for card payments, BitPay for bitcoin payments and ShapeShift for all other digital currency payments.

    • Do you process orders at the weekend?

      Yes! We process orders every day of the year. There’s no rest for the Gift Off team!

  • About Support
  • My Account
    • How do I create an account with Gift Off?

      Creating an account with Gift Off is quick and easy. We only ask for an email address and password. You can also sign up through your favourite social media account.

      We’ll send you a verification email to check you’re a real person and then away you go! Click here to create your account now.

    • How do I update my email address in my account?

      Update your email address and other account details in your user dashboard. Go to your user dropdown menu in the top right of your browser window. Select Edit profile. Remember to click Save changes once you’ve updated your details.

    • How do I reset my password?

      If you have lost or forgotten your password, or just want to reset it, head here and enter the email address associated with your account. We will send reset password instructions to your email address.

    • How do I refer a friend?

      Gift Off users can refer a friend and you will both be rewarded with 100 Gift Off Points to spend with us on whatever gift card you like. It's a thank you from us, for recommending our service. Here's how to do it:

      1. Log in to your Gift Off account.
      2. Go to the My referrals section in your user dashboard
      3. Copy your referral link and send it to whoever you like.
      4. Ask them to sign up for a Gift Off account using the link.
      5. When they have signed up, they will automatically receive 100 Gift Off Points.
      6. When your friend has made their first purchase worth £20 or more, you will automatically receive 100 Gift Off Points too!
      7. You can view how many Gift Off Points you've earned from referrals and the status of your referrals in your My referrals dashboard.

      If you have any questions about or issues with your referrals, then get in touch with us via [email protected] and we'll help you out!

  • About Gift Cards
    • What gift cards do you stock?

      To see our full range of available gift cards, click here.

    • I’ve received the wrong gift card

      We’re really sorry to hear that. Very occasionally an order can go a little awry. Contact [email protected] and be sure to quote your order number. We’ll look into it straight away.

    • My gift card isn’t working

      Woops! We’re really sorry to hear this. There can be a number of reasons why a gift card isn’t working. Here are a few suggestions:

      • Double check the terms and conditions of your gift card to make sure you can use it in the location you are currently trying to spend it. For example, some gift cards can only be spent in store and not online or vice versa. Check this directly with the retailer the gift card is for.
      • Sometimes there may be an issue with the retailer’s website or staff may not be familiar with the gift card in store. In this instance you must seek help directly from the retailer.
      • If you’ve looked at the above and you’re still having no luck, contact [email protected] and we’ll be happy to try and assist.
    • The gift card I want is no longer available

      There are a range of reasons for needing to temporarily or even permanently remove a gift card from our range. Often this is because of unprecedented demand, which can occasionally cause us to run out of stock. We will usually announce any changes to availability on Facebook and Twitter.

      Contact [email protected] and let us know what you were hoping to purchase and we’ll be able to advise if/when this gift card will become available again.

    • Will this gift card work in my country?

      You can search for gift cards by country on the Gift Off site. This is a quick guide to which gift cards are available where you are. However, you should check the terms and conditions directly with the retailer for the most accurate and up to date information about their terms and conditions. We currently offer gift cards in the UK, Europe and have a few that work worldwide.

    • Can my gift card be used online and in store?

      It’s best to check where your gift card can be used directly with the retailer before making your purchase. Gift Off has no say over the terms and conditions of our gift cards.

    • Why don’t you stock a certain gift card?

      If you have a suggestion for a gift card, we’d love to hear it! Get in touch or message us on Facebook or Twitter.

      Bear in mind that we can only stock digital gift cards, not physical gift cards. This may be the reason the gift card you want is not stocked on Gift Off currently. Hopefully they’ll join the club and start offering eVouchers in the near future!

    • Will you be offering gift cards in my country?

      Gift Off would love to offer our service around the world, however it all takes time. Bear with us while we work on it. In the meantime you could sign up to our blog or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with Gift Off news.

    • What are the terms and conditions of my gift card?

      Terms and conditions vary between gift cards from different retailers. It’s best to check directly with the retailer.

    • How long will my gift card be valid for?

      Terms and conditions, including how long a gift card remains valid, varies between retailers. You can see when your card is due to expire in your user dashboard. Filter to view which ones will expire first so you don’t forget to use them. You can also check directly with the retailer how long your gift card is valid for.

    • Can I sell my gift card on Gift Off?

      Unfortunately not. Gift Off does not offer this option.

    • Can I become a reseller?

      Unfortunately not. Gift Off does not offer this option.

  • About Digital Currencies
    • What are digital currencies?

      Digital currencies are currencies that exist online, in much the same way that your pounds and pence exist digitally when you use credit and debit cards. Bitcoin is the most well known, but there are a huge range of other currencies, many of which we accept as payment at Gift Off!

      Each digital currency has it’s own unique characteristics. Some currencies are designed to be highly secure or anonymous, some use less energy when being mined and some are just for fun. Each currency has it’s own community of developers and users who support and use their currency.

    • What is bitcoin?

      Bitcoin is the most well known digital currency. It is decentralised, which means it is not controlled or issued by central banks or governments.

      Bitcoins are generated or mined by people all over the world by using their computers to solve complex mathematical problems. When a problem is solved, more bitcoins are released.

      21 million bitcoins is the maximum amount that will ever be produced meaning bitcoin will eventually become a deflationary currency, instead of inflationary like the currencies we use now. This also means more of them can’t be printed by governments or central banks as they wish.

      Bitcoin can be sent peer to peer, electronically, almost immediately with minimal transaction fees. This means you can give bitcoin directly to someone else without it having to travel via a bank or transfer company a bit like handing physical cash to another person. This makes it very efficient and cheap, especially for people wanting to send funds abroad.

      Bitcoins are divisible into smaller amounts called Satoshis, named after the person who created the concept of bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. A bitcoin can be split into one hundred millionth of a bitcoin a bit like a pound is divisible into pence.

      Bitcoin users can have numerous bitcoin addresses or wallets, in the way you might have a number of bank accounts for different purposes, to make or receive payments from/to without it being linked to personal information, unlike opening a traditional bank account.

      Every bitcoin transaction is recorded on the blockchain, which is a public leger, making transactions completely transparent without being personally identifiable unlike cash, which can leave no trace at all.

      Find out more about bitcoin at https://bitcoin.org/en/faq

    • Can you add this currency to Gift Off?

      Gift Off accepts digital currencies through an integration with Shapeshift.io’s awesome service. We can only accept digital currencies that are accepted by them. If you have a currency you’d like to spend at Gift Off, it’s best to get in touch with them to see if they’ll add it to their service.

    • Are there additional fees when I use Bitcoin?

      No, Gift Off charges no additional fees.

    • Can I pay from an exchange wallet?

      We strongly recommend that you do not send payments from exchange wallets as it may delay payment and order times. It’s always better to send payments from wallets under your full control.

    • How many confirmations do you wait for?

      Most orders are processed and completed within 1 confirmation (~10 minutes) on the Bitcoin network, but can take up to three working days to arrive, depending on the merchant or availability.

    • How do you calculate the exchange rate?

      Rates are based on BitPay’s exchange rates for bitcoin purchases and ShapeShift for all other digital currency purchases.

      The total amount due will always be confirmed prior to placing an order.

  • Gift Off Points
    • What are Gift Off Points?

      Gift Off Points or GO Points are our own loyalty points to reward you for shopping with us! You can earn points on selected gift card purchases and see how many you’ve earned in your dashboard. Gift Off Points can then be used as payment towards future purchases.

    • How much is each Gift Off Point worth?

      Every 100 Gift Off Point equals £1 of credit you can put towards future purchases.

    • How do I pay with Gift Off Points?

      When you buy a gift card with Gift Off, you can add Gift Off Points to pay for part or all of your purchase on the order summary page. Enter the number of points you’d like to use and we’ll recalculate the remainder of what you need to pay.

    • How do I earn Gift Off Points?

      Gift Off Points can be earned on selected purchases. You can filter the cards to view those that will earn you points. Eligible cards include Currys PC World, Tesco and M&S.

      You can also earn points by referring friends and family. Go to the My referrals section in your user dashboard to get started.

      From time-to-time, we also run competitions on our social media accounts and the prize is often Gift Off Points! Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to make sure you know when our competitions are running.

    • Where can I see how many Gift Off Points I’ve earned?

      Head to your dashboard to see how many Gift Off Points you’ve earned!

    • Do my Gift Off Points expire?

      Your Gift Off Points will expire after one year, so make sure you use them and feel the benefits!

    • Can I buy Gift Off Points?

      Yes. Our Gift Off Points card allows you to buy points and apply them to your account or gift them to someone else who can spend them on any gift card in our range.

    • What happens to my Gift Off Points if I cancel an order?

      If an order is cancelled, your Gift Off Points will be returned to your total.

  • Security
  • Getting Started
    • How do I use Gift Off?

      We’ve worked really hard to make it as easy as possible to use Gift Off. You can create an account by entering your email address and a password then verifying your account. It’s as simple as that!

      Once signed up, you can start shopping.

      Find the gift card you’d like to buy, enter the value and click Buy Now. From there you can select the currency you’d like to pay with, enter a promo code or add Gift Off Points that you’ve earned, to pay for part of all of your order.

      Then follow the instructions through our easy-peasy checkout. Once completed, you’ll receive an email confirmation of your order. Then when your gift card is ready to use in your dashboard, you’ll receive another email to let you know.

    • What countries does Gift Off work in?

      Currently we have gift cards that work in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and some that work worldwide. Remember to filter the gift cards by country to see which ones will work where you are.

    • Where can I see my transaction history?

      You can view your transaction history in your user dashboard.

    • Does Gift Off charge commission?

      No, we charge 0% commission. You get exactly what you pay for with no hidden extras.