Innovating gifting for the digital age

Hi! We’re Gift Off, a UK based digital gift card retailer with the largest range on offer in Europe. Since February 2014 we’ve been enabling digital currency users to shop with major retailers like Currys PC World, Tesco and Marks & Spencer. We stock over 350 gift cards and accept over 5 digital currencies as well as UK credit and debit cards.

Shop with Gift Off and earn Gift Off Points to make savings on future purchases!

Meet the team

  • Rusty Nash


    Rusty is one of our Co-Founders and Gift Off’s CEO. He’s been coding since he was 5 years old and started off on a BBC Micro. Rusty lives in Norwich with his fiancee, Lois and two cats, Sausage and Chips. He appreciates good ale and tea, skilled barbers and is a regular festival attendee.

  • Lois Foulger

    Communications Manager

    Lois is Gift Off’s Comms expert, making sure you all know what the hell we’re doing here. She would like to trade places with Bjork if the opportunity ever arose, or failing that, Joanna Newsom or Laura Marling. Lois would be happy if surviving solely on pizza was a viable option.

  • Dr. Daniel Hulme


    Dan is a valued advisor with a huge wealth of expertise. He is the Director of Business Analytics MSc at UCL. Dan lives in London, but his work takes him around the world.

  • Polly Gowers, OBE


    As the Founder of Maybe Solutions and Everyclick, Polly has a huge wealth of knowledge and experience. She lives in Shrewsbury with her husband and three daughters. Aside from her OBE, Polly has earned a plethora of honours and awards for her work.