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20 Feb

gift-off_logo_web_mark_colorWell, hello! Welcome to the Gift Off website.

Don’t worry, it’s still us. The team formerly known as pockio just has a new look and a brand new name. In celebration of our 1st birthday we decided to overhaul our image, tweak the site and make it even easier for you to buy gift cards with digital currencies.

Gift Off
is going to the moon and we’re taking you all with us!

The new name reflects the success we’ve had over the last year, all because of you, our amazing and loyal customers and the growing success of digital currencies in general. Back in February 2014, we were tentatively testing the water in the crypto world and beavered away to get the service up and running, but now we’re entering an exciting phase of development and expansion. Our aim now, is to make our service as quick, easy and accessible for you as possible and create something that’s on a par with, or even surpasses, our fiat counterparts. Through great service, we aim to engage more people in the digital currency world, showing that it’s here to stay and that there are legitimate options when it comes to utilising some of your favourite currencies.

New site features and altcoins added for your pleasure

Not only has the site had a makeover, we’ve sneaked in some improvements that we hope you’ll love. They include:

  • Faster loading speeds when browsing gift cards
  • The option to search for gift cards by country. Some of our cards work worldwide, so now it’s super simple to find them.
  • The addition of lots more altcoins. These are:
  • BitcoinDark
  • Darkcoin
  • Unobtanium
  • HyperStake
  • DigiByte
  • StartCOIN
  • Earthcoin

The rebrand is the start of a new era for Gift Off. Yes, it’s just the start! The next year is full of exciting plans, including a total site redesign, which will bring with it loads of awesome features. There are going to be some mega-announcements when some of our top secret plans come good. To keep up to date with Gift Off news and competitions, you can subscribe to the blog or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

If you’re new to the site and want to get started, you can sign up for an account here. It’s really quick and we only ask for an email address, username and password. No need to provide any personal details.

Finally, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the new design too! Tweet us your thoughts or post them on our Facebook page. You lot are the reason we’re still here, so your opinion counts.

Have fun using the new site!

The Gift Off Team


Hi there! I'm Gift Off's word-lady, writing words wherever they're needed to keep you all in the know about our awesome company. When I'm not wording, I am usually talking nonsense to my two cats, scanning Reddit, throwing away my belongings or planning a modernist, white and glass box to live in.

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