New site features makes buying gift cards even easier

4 Feb

We’ve been working hard for the last few weeks to make buying gift cards at Gift Off even easier and really hope you like the new improvements. We listened to some of your suggestions and have managed to implement a few on the site. There have been tonnes of other great ideas that are also in the pipeline, so keep an eye out for announcements when we have even more awesome features added.

I won’t waste time. These are the new features for you to enjoy:

Buy loads of your favourite gift cards in one go

Bulk buying some Amazon gift cards for friends and family? Add a bunch to your basket in one go! You can cram your basket with gift cards without having to go through the checkout multiple times. This currently only works when buying multiple gift cards, all of the same value and from the same merchant. So, for example you could buy 10x £50 Amazon gift cards and go through the checkout just once.

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Archive used gift cards

This has been requested a lot, so, hooray! Now you can. Move your used gift cards to your ‘Archive’ and reduce clutter on your dashboard. Easily see which gift cards you can still spend.

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Re-buy your regular gift cards quickly and easily

We’ve added the option to make the same purchase as you have done before (same card, same value) directly from your dashboard. No more time wasted searching for the right card and entering the value you want.

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Introducing the fantastic, Gift Off Points Card!

The Gift Off Points Card allows you to buy Gift Off Points whenever you like, so you can use them to buy gift cards later.

For digital currency customers in particular, this will speed up your gift card buying, if you have previously loaded up your account with Gift Off Points, as you can use them to buy any available gift card. No more waiting for confirmations on the network!

What’s more, you can choose to gift your points to someone else. Know someone who deserves a treat? Then Gift Off Points are the way to go. Let them choose the perfect gift card from our range of over 180.

See here for a recap of how Gift Off Points work.

Shop at Gift Off with UK debit and credit cards

Gift Off isn’t just for digital currency users. We welcome customers to join up here and enjoy the Gift Off service, the one-stop shop for digital gift card purchases in the UK.

Our UK debit and credit card customers are also eligible to earn 1% of selected purchases back in Gift Off Points, so you too can save money on future purchases. See all the eligible cards when you sort our range by ‘Earn Gift Off Points‘.


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