Great British Pub Card now earns you Gift Off Points

10 Aug

Have you heard of the Great British Pub Card? It’s an absolute must have for bitcoin and digital currency users who love a proper pint of ale. We’ve had this card available on site for some time now, but today, we’re happy to announce that you can now earn Gift Off Points each time you head to the pub.

Great British Pub Card

Here’s a bit more about this awesome gift card…

What is the Great British Pub Card?

The Great British Pub Card can be used to buy food and drink at over 750 pubs across the UK, including Chef & Brewer, Fayre & Square, John Barras, Taylor Walker and Flaming Grill pubs as well as Wacky Warehouse.

All you do is purchase a Great British Pub Card here, from Gift Off, access the gift card via email, or your user dashboard and then print it off and show it to the cashier, or show it to them on your smart phone.

You can load up to £100 on your Great British Pub Card and, if you don’t spend it all at once, the remaining balance can be used next time you go down the pub.

Check out which pubs are eligible near you, on their website.

How many Gift Off Points will I earn?

The Great British Pub Card will now earn you Gift Off Points in exactly the same as our other points eligible gift cards! Hooray!

That means 2% of the value of your purchase back in Gift Off Points when you pay with bitcoin or other digital currencies, and 1% back when you pay with card.

Your Gift Off Points can be stashed away in your user dashboard until you want to spend them. Use them to get a discount on future purchases, or save up and get a totally free gift card from any available card in our range! Not that we’re encouraging you to drink of course.


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