Getting engaged the bitcoin way

15 Jun

Back in May, one of our awesome, loyal customers, Ryan, got in touch to let us in on his secret plans to propose to his girlfriend, Stephanie. What’s more, he wanted to get her gorgeous engagement ring with bitcoin through Gift Off!

Using bitcoin for something special!

We were all thrilled to hear that one of our customers was using their digital currency and our service to do something so special and told him we’d love to hear how he got on.

OP definitely delivered on this occasion and got in touch, just the other day, to show us how he got on!

Gift Off gift cards: facilitating engagements since 2015

After checking with us that his order of an H. Samuel voucher wouldn’t be too big and break Gift Off (diamonds and sapphires don’t come cheap!), he made his order with us straight away and headed to Belfast City Centre to order the perfect ring. Ryan said it, ‘couldn’t have been easier’, proving bitcoin is no barrier to planning for special occasions like this.

Choosing the perfect ring

He opted for a gold band with a beautiful, Ceylon sapphire and a diamond halo. Might I say, from a ladies perspective here, what a stunning choice! I got engaged almost a year ago to the day and getting such a beautiful piece of jewellery really gives you an appreciation for all things sparkly.



She said, ‘Yes!’

Ryan’s message to us after he popped the question was reassuringly positive:

‘Good news! She said, ‘Yes’! Now it’s official thanks to you guys. I can’t express my gratitude enough to you all for what you’ve done for us. Stephanie couldn’t wait to start showing her new engagement ring to everyone!’



Too right, Stephanie. People have got to see and appreciate the jewels!


??❤️ Massive congratulations to Ryan and Stephanie on their engagement, from the whole Gift Off team! We’re over the moon for you both and delighted that you got in touch to share your story. ??❤️



Next stop… wedding planning with bitcoin?

To get you both started, we’re sending over a little, Not on the High Street gift card. With tonnes of unique wedding decorations, favours and invitations to choose from, we hope there’ll be something there to suit your style!


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2 thoughts on “Getting engaged the bitcoin way

  1. What a wonderful thing to see on my Facebook feed. This is a kind, loving young couple, that I am proud to count as friends. I hope they have a long and happy marriage. Congratulations. xx ❤

    • Great to hear Pauline! We’re really happy Ryan took time to share this with us. Lovely to hear they have great friends like you to share this happy time with 😀

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