5% Gift Off Points with a Starbucks gift card!

2 Nov


The nights are closing in, the temperature is starting to dip and an autumnal fog has descended across the UK, so hot drinks and extra caffeine to wake you up on wintry mornings is not just a nice treat, it’s almost necessary to carry on functioning as normal.

To make your trip to the coffee shop just that little bit more enjoyable this November, we’re offering you all a whopping 5% back in Gift Off Points when you buy Starbucks gift cards from Gift Off!


Whether you buy your gift cards with Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Monacoin or Quark, you’ll get treated to turbo-charged points this Autumn! If you’re a regular at Starbucks, then pretty soon, you’ll have enough points to treat yourself to a free Starbucks gift card and get a coffee with all the trimmings (lots of cream, marshmallows on a hot chocolate, extra shot of espresso if you’re still practically asleep, etc) or use your points to buy any other gift card that takes your fancy.

Don’t forget you can also pick up tasty breakfasts, including warming porridges with tasty toppings, lunches, pastries and cakes on-the-go and pay with a Starbucks gift card too. So, you can earn a tonne of Gift Off Points on more than just your morning pick-me-up!


To get your hands on these extra points, just enter the promo code: GIVEITASHOT at the checkout! This offer runs until 23:59 GMT on 30th November 2015.

Now might also be a good time to start mulling over your Christmas shopping (there, I’ve said it) and how much of it (we guess all of it) can be done with bitcoin! In particular, if you have friends who will appreciate a Starbucks gift card, now is the time to get them from Gift Off and save the points up to treat yourself, or make savings on Christmas shopping!

A Starbucks gift card will make an awesome stocking filler! Hint hint… anyone?

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