40+ altcoins now accepted at Gift Off

25 Sep



We’ve teamed up with Shapeshift.io as part of the new site revamp, meaning we now accept over 40 digital currencies. We’ve also created a silky smooth checkout that stays the same no matter which currency you pay with.

What’s all this noise?

In case you’ve never heard of it, Shapeshift.io is Erik Voorhees’ awesome venture that allows you to buy loads of different digital currencies in under ten seconds from start to finish without even needing to sign up and create an account.

We’ve integrated with their Shifty Button, which means we can accept any altcoins as payment that ShapeShift support on their site. We have already been accepting a much larger range of altcoins than anyone else anyway, but this opens the door to loads of new communities that proved too tricky for us before.


Anything else…?

Oh, yes! Remember before, we had two separate checkouts for people using bitcoin and people using altcoins? Well, the altcoin checkout was a little more clunky than we liked, so we’ve fixed it up and levelled the playing field.

The checkout is now fast and easy no matter which currency you pay with!

What’s more, you can set a default currency in your fancy, new user dashboard, saving you time when you shop with us.

Which coins do you accept?


You can check out the full range of coins accepted at Gift Off and the current rates here. In case you don’t want to leave the blog, here are some of the new coins added:

  • NEOScoin
  • NXT
  • Ripple
  • Gemz
  • Mintcoin
  • Nubits
  • Ether

The list goes on… and on.

We know this is a handy boost for loads of communities out there in the digital currency world, so don’t forget to let your people know.

Spread the word and start using altcoins to treat yourselves to some lovely gift cards.

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