PART 1: How to use bitcoin to make freelancing awesome

13 Jan

There’s no doubt about it, more and more of us are becoming freelancers, shunning a strict 9-5 routine in favour of working from home to make work fit around life. Yes, working to live instead of living to work. What a novel concept! Increasing numbers of freelancers are also being paid in bitcoin for their work, allowing them to easily work for clients across the globe.

Freelancers have to do it all – Health & Safety, Facilities, you name it

However, if, like me, you’re currently sat in a bedroom, at a computer, in clothes you’d be ashamed to see the Postman in, you’ll be familiar with some of the hurdles that freelancing can throw up! Don’t get me wrong, freelancing is fantastic and the benefits are well and truly worth it, but you are on your own when it comes to creating the perfect working environment. There are no health and safety guys to stop your chair trying to break your spine and no facilities managers to moan to about the flickering lights or lack of air conditioning.

Use our guide to getting the perfect freelancer setup with bitcoin

But wait… we’re here to help you out! As seasoned home workers, we know all the tricks for putting together the healthiest, happiest home office to let you revel in your new found hermit-ry. Join us! Join us! We’ve put together an extended multi-part guide to using your hard earned bitcoin, which hasn’t been scraped for transfer fees by a naughty transfer company or bank, to solve all those niggling freelance issues.

Use bitcoin to make sure you don’t crumble your spine and keep yourself healthy as a freelancer

It’s so easy to have a makeshift home office, because it turns out, a good desk and chair are damn expensive! You’re left wondering how the hell the company you used to work for could afford all those plush chairs with real, proper, actual back support. Well, bitcoin has been doing pretty well lately, so it’s about time to invest in some equipment that won’t try to slowly kill you. Through Gift Off you can get yourself kitted out with the essentials:

Herman Miller chairs for freelancing healthy spine winners


There’s only one thing for it, it’s time to buy a Herman Miller office chair. We have the Mirra, fully customised and it is a wonder to behold. But, you can get them on Some are refurbished, but seems you can get the SAYL here.

Apple Store products that will save you thousands of Satoshis over a lifetime, somehow!


If you work on a laptop, then you’ll notice that whilst your desk and chair height might be ok for keeping those elbows at nice, neat right angles, you’ll still be gazing down at the screen instead of straight ahead. This can cause neck, back and jaw issues from having your head constantly pointing downwards. A fancy way around this, is to turn your laptop into a monitor when using it at your desk. Hook up a Magic Mouse 2 (yes, the charging port is on the bottom of the mouse, but it takes 2 minutes to charge it for 9 hours of use) and a Magic Keyboard. Use Bluetooth to keep your USB ports free. Then grab an adjustable Twelve South HiRise Adjustable Stand for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air to get you steadily gazing towards the horizon. There we go, I’ve just saved you a bunch of money that would be spent on pain relief prescriptions, private physio, chiropractors, personal trainers and gym memberships. I’ve even convinced myself to go and get these things.

Get this stuff from Gift Off and even save money in the process

All these products can be bought with bitcoin and over 40 other digital currencies from Gift Off. Check out our gift cards and Apple Store gift cards. Earn 2% back on gift cards as well! This adds up when making a big purchase like the Herman Miller chair! In fact, if you get the Apple products through, you can earn points on those purchases too!

Keep a constant flow of caffeine to keep you concentrating

I’m about to start my second coffee of the day, which is actually my limit when it comes to caffeine, but I’m sure there are plenty of you freelancers out there who have a much higher tolerance or requirement for caffeine. Our CTO, Rusty, is not a coffee fan, but he does have a pint mug full of tea with him at all times. In previous, office jobs, I certainly have judged the companies on the quality and strength of coffee they could supply me and was spoiled really, with two companies in particular having dedicated coffee shops and generous bosses who would supply my cappuccinos. I think really they knew that I was so ground (hehe get it, coffee… ground) down with exhaustion from having to leave the house every day, that I’d be absolutely no use to them without stimulants. Good move ex-bosses!

Recreate your favourite coffee shop at home, using bitcoin!


Without the luxury of a coffee shop in my own house or any reason to leave the house except to go to the gym, it’s essential to recreate those favourable conditions at home. This is where bitcoin and Gift Off comes in!

First off, you can set up your home to be like your favourite, independent coffee shop that grinds and roasts it’s own beans (Strangers in Norwich, if you must know!). The essential ingredients for this are, some lovely, lovely coffee and a good machine.

I’m going to dismiss all instant and flavoured coffees here and instead opt for something smooth, fairtrade, organic and not too crazy. How about some Bolivan, Grumpy Mule Cafe Fermino? Lovely coffee that won’t rinse through your Satoshis too quickly.

Make savings when you buy a mega coffee machine via Gift Off


Next, you need a really awesome coffee machine. I’ve had coffee from a range of machines, including the ones that use the little capsules and honestly, they’ve all got their merits. I personally prefer a frothy cappuccino, so the milk frother is one of the most important elements. If you just want an espresso, then there are much cheaper machines, that will do a great job. My recommendations are the mighty Sage by Heston Blumenthal and the slightly pricier DeLonghi ETAM 29.660.SB.

Remember, with these big purchases, you’ll earn Gift Off Points, which will give you a decent saving on future bitcoin buys. For example, you’d earn nearly £10 in Gift Off Points when you purchase the Sage coffee machine!

Remember, we also stock Whittard gift cards, so tea and coffee lovers can head over there to have a look at their special ranges and equipment too. And finally, if coffee isn’t your thing, then we also have Creme de Vape gift cards for all the vapers out there. And, if you do want to actually leave the house occasionally, we also have Starbucks gift cards, which you can earn Gift Off Points on too!

Ok, that’s quite enough for now, you need to get back to work. Keep an eye out for Part 2 of how you can make freelancing awesome, or more awesome, with bitcoin, but in the meantime, we’ve sorted out your spine and your caffeine habit!

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