How to spend bitcoin on music in the UK

3 Jun


The full Glastonbury line up was announced yesterday! We’ve been veteran attendees for years, but with Gift Off being so busy we’ve decided to skip a year and instead we’re heading to the relatively low-key Latitude. If you’re a Glastonbury regular you’ll understand our slight twinge of sadness, despite Latitude being an awesome alternative and having an incredible line up of its own.

This got me thinking about the link between bitcoin, the blockchain and the music industry. At Gift Off, we think that it’s not only going to become a useful tool for consumers of music, but for artists themselves. Have a look at Forbes’ recent article about how the bitcoin blockchain could save the music industry.

The technology could be particularly useful for new artists where tipping could be offered for their new tracks and videos, but perhaps also at gigs or through review sites. The possibilities are huge and we can’t wait to see where it will lead.

For music and bitcoin lovers, Gift Off already provides a broad outlet for indulging all kinds of musical tastes. We’ve summarised how you can spend bitcoin on music and keep it centre stage in your life.

Listen to music with the right equipment

Before you even spend bitcoin on music, you want to make sure the sound quality is going to be the best you can afford. You’ll hear details in your favourite tracks that you’d miss out on with poorer quality speakers.

For listening to music on the go, a classic iPod from the Apple Store is the way to go. They also have an awesome range of headphones. Inner ear headphones are great when you’re at the gym or over ear for commuting, when you want to block out all the surrounding noise.

For home sound systems head over to We loved the Bose Acoustimass 5 Stereo Speaker System in white. Top quality sound and stylish to boot.

We also stock CEX gift cards, so if you’re looking to pick up something second hand that you might not otherwise afford from new, then head here.

Download your favourite tracks with bitcoin

Downloading music with bitcoin is easy at Gift Off. Our Google Play and iTunes gift cards have Apple and Android users covered!

At the moment we’re enjoying:

Laura Marling’s ‘Short Movie’.

and Run the Jewels’ ‘Run the Jewels 2’. If you’ve not heard them yet, give them a listen right now!

Unlimited music by subscription with bitcoin

Get Spotify Premium and pay with bitcoin via our Spotify gift card to get unlimited, ad free music that you can listen to offline. After signing up for this, I can’t go back. One of my favourite features is getting alerts when your favourite artists release new music.

We could imagine Spotify would be a perfect platform to add a tipping option for fans to go above and beyond the cost of the subscription.

Live music with bitcoin!

Arguably the best way to hear music is live. Nothing compares to some of the most amazing Glastonbury sets I’ve seen like Bjork, MIA, Arcade Fire, Kings of Leon, Fuck Buttons, Caribou, The Presets, Radiohead, James Blake. The list goes on and on.

With Gift Off you can book festival and gig tickets through Ticketmaster, go direct with National Theatre gift cards or even check out some awesome classical and contemporary music at the Royal Albert Hall.

And for the musicians

If you’re actually a musician, you can get some of your kit with bitcoin via Amazon and JAM Percussion for any of our percussionists out there. I watched Whiplash last night and aside from it being an amazing film, seeing what percussionists can do is mind blowing!

OK, so that’s quite a few options for you all! I’m feeling suitably excited now and off to buy some Latitude camping luxuries… mmm camp bed.


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