How to eat and drink with bitcoin in the UK

25 Mar

The average weekly spend, per household, on food and non-alcoholic drinks in the UK, in 2013 was £58.80. Since then it’s likely to have increased a bit too. This came in as the 4th largest expense households have.

Use Gift Off to eat and drink using bitcoin in the UK

If you’re looking to gradually edge away from fiat and use your bitcoin and other digital currencies as your main form of payment, then buying your food and drink with bitcoin is a great place to start. Not only will it mean a big chunk of your household budget is being funded by digital currencies, it’s something Gift Off has made super simple.

Buying food and drink for most of us isn’t just about doing the weekly shop either. Whilst we’ve got you covered for that, we also stock gift cards for other places that you can use day to day on those additional, tasty treats or bites to eat on the go.



Get your groceries with bitcoin from Gift Off

Whether you’re flashing the cash at Marks and Spencer or keeping to a strict budget with ASDA, our groceries gift cards will keep your home ticking over week on week. Both stores also have a range of other handy, household items, clothing and homeware too, so when you need to stock up on socks or grab a last minute bunch of flowers as a gift, our gift cards are ready and waiting.

Fuel up on caffeine on the way to work

Like us, you might not be very productive before ingesting a healthy dose of caffeine. Getting this on the way to work usually means you’re raring to go by the time you get to your desk or as raring to go as one can be when they get to work. We’ve got Starbucks gift cards to set you up for the day. With so many cafes around the UK there’s bound to be one on your route to work. Also, if you spend up to £3 per day on coffee, just think, over a year, that could be £780 that you’re no longer spending with fiat.

Gulp. That suddenly sounds like a lot of money, but worth the spend in our opinion.

Dine out with bitcoin and other digital currencies

Increasingly, many of us are choosing to eat out. With busy schedules it’s sometimes too much like hard work to cook something from scratch at home and when we’re done, it’s not likely to taste as good as restaurant food.

For this reason, Gift Off has a whole range of gift cards for different restaurants. Our favourite is Jamie’s Italian, which serves up rustic, Italian meals using fresh, seasonal produce. You can never go wrong with pizza and we’re pretty sure it’s something you could eat day in day out without getting bored of! If there’s a limit, we’ve not found it yet.

Get your round in and pay with bitcoin!

Show off to your mates when you get a round of drinks in at the pub and pay with bitcoin. Not really! The likelihood is, any showing off will actually just be a drunken lecture on the merits of bitcoin. It’s a difficult thing to stop yourself doing.

Our Great British Pub Card voucher is accepted at over 750 pubs around the UK so the chances are there’s one near you.

There you have it! Gift Off gives you a pretty complete solution to buying food and drink with bitcoin and other digital currencies in the UK. Your weekly shop, dinner and drinks and the morning coffee run are all possible without the need for fiat.

We’d love to hear if there are any other food and drink retailers you’d like to see added to Gift Off. Head over to our Food and Drink or Restaurants and Bars categories to see what we currently offer.


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