Gaming with bitcoin in the UK

24 Jun

How do you refer to someone who likes, understands and uses technology without calling them, ‘techies’ or ‘tech savvy individuals’ or some other hideously overused phrase? I’m going to just refer to them/you as Gift Off customers, since the connection between being into technology and being a Gift Off customer is a strong one. There’s also a strong connection between being a Gift Off customer and being into gaming to some degree or other.

Amongst our customers are some occasional, casual gamers and a significant group of pretty die hard, Steam spenders. Whichever camp you fall into, we thought we’d round up all the options for gaming with bitcoin and other digital currencies at Gift Off.



1. Amazon gift cards – for everything a gamer could wish for

Get all the latest releases from Amazon no matter what console you use or whether your a PC gaming fan. We’ve got Amazon gift cards for the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, so a load of our European customers will be able to keep their hands busy.

You can also get your hands on all the kit a gamer could dream of, from consoles to headsets, from speakers to awesome, specially designed gaming chairs. Our Gift Off COO may even have an awesome projector set up specifically for gaming. Maybe… He definitely does.

2. Apple and iTunes gift cards – for mac devotees

So many of us have been hooked on games like Candy Crush Sage or errrr, Scrabble, through no fault of our own. Even if you want to spend small amounts of bitcoin on gaming apps for your phones or iPads, we can help!

3. CEX gift cards – for some second hand bargains!

Not bothered about getting brand, spanking new games and equipment? Save yourself a tonne of bitcoin and grab a CEX gift card to use in store on everything from games to consoles to sound systems.



4. EA Origin, Nintendo, Playstation Network, Playstation Plus, Xbox and Xbox Live – for focused fun

These are the more specific gift cards if you’ve got a particular console and know exactly where you want to be spending your gift cards. Playstation Plus and Xbox Live subscriptions will give you access to a whole world of entertainment that goes far beyond gaming!

5. Facebook gift card – the guilty pleasure

Stuck on Farmville? No need to be ashamed here. We’re just pleased to have you as a Gift Off customer. What you spend your bitcoin on is your own business! Dig in and enjoy!



6. Google Play gift cards – for those with faith in android

A bit like Playstation Plus and Xbox Live subscriptions, you can use your Google Play gift cards on way more than just gaming, but since this is about gaming… you can get apps with this gift card.

7. Steam Wallet Codes – used by so many of you!

Our Steam Wallet Codes are one of our top sellers, consistently. PC gaming is MASSIVE and Steam’s sales and prices are awesome. This seems to be the ultimate gift card for tonnes of you. Gaming with bitcoin at it’s finest.

Is this enough??!! This seems like enough gaming options for bitcoin and digital currency users. Have we missed anything? If this is not enough gaming gift cards, then you people have too much time on your hands!


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