Bitcoin festival survival guide!

3 Jul

We sacked off Glastonbury and a couple of small festivals this year with things at Gift Off being so busy and decided to opt for the relatively civilised Latitude with it’s amazing line-up. With it being less than two weeks away now, we’re in planning mode and wanted to share some of our tips and ideas for having the best festival experience, whilst making use of your digital currencies at the same time! First off, get tickets to your festival with bitcoin via the Ticketmaster gift card!



1. Pack light. Remember, carrying loads of heavy stuff is not fun

Get your list of stuff to pack organised nice and early. Then, go through it again and again, ruthlessly getting rid of the things that you can do without or things that might have double purposes. For example, the torch on your phone might be just enough if you only intend to go back to the tent for sleep and breakfasts so leave the torch at home.

You’ll thank us for this tip when you walk past tonnes of people lugging endless camping items, sweating and burning in the sun, getting their festival experience off to an irritable start, arguing with their friends as they realise they also have to put up a tent!

Consider the weight of the kit you buy! Your tent will be the heaviest thing, so go lightweight. The Boreas 3 Man Tent from Kathmandu is under 4kg and can be bought with bitcoin here!

We opted for this Outwell Earth 3 Man Tent from Amazon, with the handy porch area so you can keep your sleeping area clean and tidy and have somewhere breezy to escape to when the sun starts beating down on the tent at 4am. At 5kg, it’s a vast improvement on our current 10kg tent and at £89.99 it’s also a high quality bargain!



2. Don’t be a dick

There are many ways to be a dick at a festival:

Getting lairy and crashing into other people’s tents
Taking up way too much space with your friends tents and making a huge area in the middle
Throwing cups of piss or booze or food over the audience
Squatting down and weeing on the floor in a crowd, whilst watching Bjork and getting it all over the surrounding people’s feet (yes, this happened to me)
Stealing people’s stuff, slashing or burning tents
Holding flags up at the front of the stage and blocking people’s views
Climbing on shoulders during the best part of a set, falling down and crashing onto people
Missing the toilet when doing either a number 1 or 2 and just leaving it

Oh wow, the list goes on and on and most people manage to not do all these things, but mainly what I’m referring to here is about trying to leave no trace and minimise your impact on the countryside, where most festivals are held.

One way to keep your impact to a minimum is to travel on public transport! Lucky for you, we have National Rail gift cards, available to buy with bitcoin, dogecoin, litecoin and loads of other altcoins, to help you get from A to B. This is how we’ll be travelling most of the way to Latitude, having equipment delivered to a closer address and sharing a car for the rest of the journey there.



3. Save money with the tiniest bit of forethought

I know, I know, planning is so boring and you want to be spontaneous and just turn up and see what happens. Doing this, for most people is ultimately going to lead to some degree of misery either through getting soaked, not being able to get a good sleep or destroying your finances. There is a happy medium between planning and spontaneity to get the most out of your festival weekend.

If you do any planning at all, I’d suggest getting your hands on a load of booze and food that won’t go off in the tent, to take with you. Our list this year includes a lot of vodka and rum (the most alcohol content for the least weight), rice cakes, peanut butter, dried fruit, Pepperami, Babybel, Berocca, nuts, jerky and Nakd Bars.

That’s breakfast sorted and most of the booze. That alone will save us possibly over a hundred quid and even better, can all be bought with bitcoin via our M&S or ASDA gift cards! If you’re more interested in some high quality ales to take, then check out the gift card too.

Also make sure you stock up on vaping kit before going. Inevitably buying this whilst you’re at the festival is going to cost a lot more! We’ve got Vape Escape and Cloud 9 Vaping gift cards to help you out.



4. Good sleep is the key to lasting the whole weekend

This makes us sound so boring, but actually it’s the reason I can stay up until 7 or 8am at Glastonbury a few nights in a row, because I’ve got somewhere super comfortable to crash afterwards and recover properly in time for bands in the early afternoon. Also, I think this might be more important for girls, since hips are not conducive to lying on a flat, hard surface on your side.

If a self-inflating sleeping mat is not enough, then I’d really recommend a dirt cheap camp bed like this Highlander Camp Bed. What’s great about these is, you can keep belongings underneath them, giving you extra space, they fold up really small and instead of taking an extra chair to sit on outside the tent, you can just move this outside in the day… as long as it’s dry.

Then all you need is something like a Trekmates Deluxe Pillow that folds up really small, but is fluffy enough to be genuinely comfortable and a good quality, spacious sleeping bag and you should be sorted for sleep!

I also take cheap earplugs just to ensure nothing wakes me up. The light doesn’t bother me, but stick a scarf over your face if it does!



5. Be strategic about comfort for maximum fun

If you get too uncomfortable at a festival, you can’t have any fun because you’re too distracted by being too hot, too cold, too thirsty, too hungover, too tired, too achey, blisters, sun burn, dodgy tummy, etc.

Take stuff that’s going to help tackle all your bodily woes and keep homeostasis in tact as far as possible.

Clothing is the most important thing for comfort here. You need enough to keep you covered in sun, cool in heat, warm in chilly evenings, dry in pissing rain. Leave a change of clean clothes for the end of the festival, in your car if you brought one. The right clothing also extends to the right footwear. I’d suggest some Hunter Ankle Wellies (ankle wellies, less welly to carry) and some lightweight Converse shoes for really dry weather.

Everything else you can get at ASOS!

Take a wad of plasters, enough loo roll, painkillers, anti-histamine if you need it, water, vitamins, high factor sun cream. This Ultra Sun factor 50 from M&S is so great for your face and neck. No white, ghostly, greasy face and a really high spf!



6. Grab healthy moments like gold dust to keep you partying

Bodies take a bit of a battering at festivals, so give yourself a leg up where you can. I’ve already mentioned healthy snacks, water and berocca to take with you, but be mindful of what you’re buying from stalls.

A one-off vegetarian, lentil curry is going to be much better for your digestion at a festival than endless burgers in white bread. Sudden changes in diet, for some people, can cause a lot of misery. I personally like to hunt down a good quality coffee stand and somewhere to find fresh fruit and start every day with that once I’m actually out of the tent.

At Glastonbury, the milk truck has also been a godsend after many a chronic hangover!

Suitably excited? We are! Hurry up, Time!

Oh, oh and don’t forget your Spotify Premium subscription so you can listen to your favourite bands offline on the way there and back!


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