Top 5 gift cards for men

21 Mar

Is the man in your life tricky to buy gifts for? Find yourself fulfilling the cliche and buying him endless pairs of socks, new wallets, key rings, scarves, slippers, etc? These can be really welcome and great gifts, but if you’re stumped then a gift card might be the way to go. A gift card not only allows him to choose something he really wants that you might not have thought of or known about, it means he can put it towards a bigger purchase you might not have been able to afford in its entirety. We’ve put together the top 5 gift cards for men from our massive range, to give you some inspiration for an upcoming birthday or anniversary celebration.

1. Apple Store gift card

An Apple Store gift card is the perfect gift to give to a man who wants to make a big purchase. He’ll really appreciate any contribution towards it that you can make and rather than getting something smaller that he perhaps isn’t his top choice, you can help him get the thing he’s been hankering after for ages.

2. Great British Pub Card

A Great British Pub Card can be used at over 750 pubs across the UK. Going out for beers with his friends will be easy with some extra spending money. It can also be used towards food at participating pubs, so he could also choose to go out for a nice meal with friends and family too. Gift cards for men don’t necessarily have to buy him stuff, they can buy him a night out instead!


3. iTunes gift card

For the man who loves media! An iTunes gift card is perfect when you either know a film or band he loves, but he keeps all his media digital, or you know he loves this stuff but can’t think of a specific new release to buy because he probably already owns them all. With an iTunes gift card, when something new comes out that he really wants, the gift card will be sat there winking at him saying, ‘Treat yourself!’. It won’t actually speak, or wink, but you know what I mean.

4. Gift Off Points card

The Gift Off Points card is the ultimate gift card to give the man in your life. Load up his Gift Off account with points to spend on any gift card in our range. He’ll be able to buy pretty much anything he wants from major retailers including Amazon, Steam Games, Marks and Spencer, etc. Depending on what he buys, he might even earn some more points in the process too!

5. Starbucks gift card

Is your loved one a regular commuter or just an all-round caffeine fiend? Then a Starbucks gift card is the answer. A free coffee will make someone’s day as a small treat. Or, you could fund his morning coffee habit for a week or so and let him indulge in his favourite hot drink to perk up his day all through his birthday week.


We’re pretty sure any one of our top 5 gift cards for men will come up trumps for you, but check out the full range and see if any of our niche gift cards might take his fancy too.

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