Mint Prepaid Card: fund MMORPG with Bitcoin & more!

8 Aug

We’re excited to announce the launch of the MINT Prepaid Card at Gift Off! If you’re not familiar with MINT Prepaid, then read about it below. This is something gamers are not going to want to miss.

Mint Prepaid Card

What is the MINT Prepaid Card?

MINT Prepaid is a universal, prepaid card for buying digital goods and services online. When you purchase digitally, you’ll receive an epin (16 digit code) by email and to your user dashboard, holding whatever value you like, up to £500.

Pay securely, with no need for a bank account, credit card, or personal information. MINT Prepaid is anonymous.

Find out more about the MINT Prepaid Card on their website here.

What can I buy with MINT Prepaid Card?

You can purchase games, digital content, online services, MMORPG, VPN services, casual games, web hosting, movie and music streaming and more! Here are some of the places you can use MINT Prepaid:

Minecraft – UberMC
Bleach Online
Dead Frontier
Deposit Photos
Express VPN
Game 321
League of Angels
Oasis Games
Tanki Online
Ten Squares Games

What is an epin?

The epin is the 16 digit code you’ll receive when you purchase a MINT Prepaid Card. You’ll be able to redeem this at all their eligible retailers above. What’s great is you can keep reusing the code until it’s empty, or use multiple codes for one purchase allowing you to make big purchases anonymously!

Why buy a MINT Prepaid Card at Gift Off?

The Gift Off Points of course! MINT Prepaid is Gift Off Points eligible, meaning you’ll save 2% when you pay with bitcoin and other digital currencies and 1% when you pay with card.

If you need more reasons…

  • We sell USD, Euro and GBP MINT Prepaid Cards, meaning when you pay with bitcoin, you’ll know exactly how much credit will be on your epin.
  • We’re an official reseller, so you can trust us to deliver a genuine product
  • You can pay with bitcoin and a huge range of other digital currencies
  • Pay with your uk credit or debit card and still earn Gift Off Points

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