Why you should buy gift cards online

23 Feb

There are tonnes of reasons why buying gift cards online, rather than in store, is a great idea. We are already used to doing so much of our shopping online anyway, why not gifting? Here are the top reasons we think you should buy gift cards online.

Save on postage when you buy gift cards online

You’re essentially buying some money from a store, to be used in their store and then being charged postage, to have a physical gift card delivered to you or your recipient for the privilege. Yes, it might be nicely presented, but e-gift cards are getting more and more fancy these days and will soon be as easy to personalise and as beautiful as a physical gift card. Save your pennies on postage and buy gift cards online instead!


Buy gift cards from the comfort of your own home

There is no doubt about it, buying gift cards online means you don’t have to get off your sofa, which means it’s more convenient. It takes far less time and effort to log in to your Gift Off account, than it does to actually get dressed, go to a shop, buy a gift card, come home and then possibly need to go and post that gift card too. With Gift Off, all you need are a few clicks and your gift giving is complete!

Last minute gifts aren’t a problem when you buy gift cards online

Missed the last date for posting that gift card and having it arrive on time? No such issue with Gift Off! You can send last minute gifts when you’ve forgotten an important date and you can easily send small, ‘thank you’ gift cards willy nilly!


Save money when you buy gift cards online

At Gift Off, we reward our customers with Gift Off Points when they shop with us. So, not only do we make gifting quick, easy and convenient, we also save you money on future purchases. Digital currency users will get 2% of their purchase back in Gift Off Points and UK debit and credit card users will receive 1%. So, if you’re buying for someone else or treating yourself, you can still save with Gift Off!

Use your bitcoin to buy gift cards to use with retailers who don’t accept it directly

We love digital currencies and think they’ve got a bright future, so we want to do our bit to make bitcoin and 40+ other digital currencies more useful. So, we accept digital currencies as payment and as we mentioned above, you get a bunch of Gift Off Points back as a reward when you shop with us!


Buy gift cards online and have 180+ retailers to choose from

Unlike heading out to the shops to buy a gift card, we’ve got them all in one place, saving you traipsing around from shop to shop to get the cards you want. With Gift Off you can stock up on a bunch of cards from retailers ranging from Amazon to Starbucks, Skype to Steam Games.

Keep track of your gift cards when you buy them online

Ever lost a gift card or gone to finally use one only to discover it’s expired? Yes, we feel your pain! Gift Off allows you to keep all your gift cards safely nestled in one place… your dashboard. Not only that, but you can easily see when they expire so you’ll never miss out on the lovely, lovely gift card credit stored up in that code ever again.


Buying gift cards online is better for the environment!

I know it might not be obvious, but just think globally, how many plastic gift cards there are. Many are highly disposable once the credit on them has been used up and just go straight in the bin. Digital gift cards often stay digital, meaning less waste and less damage to our environment. The digital revolution is happening, we just wish we could speed it up!

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