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17 Jun

We’re just prepping for Glastonbury, getting all the bits and bobs that make life a little more comfortable to bear during the onslaught of an almost week-long festival that always has the threat of turning into a Red Cross emergency. We’ve bought quite a lot of those bits and bobs with bitcoin! In the process of shopping through our own company, we realised, you guys could be saving quite a bit too if you prepped for festival season with bitcoin.

festival season with bitcoin


Enjoy festival season with bitcoin

So, we’re going to go through a basic packing list (having to rejig ours because… we’re going in a motorhome… again. We’re too old for sleeping in mud) and show you not only how you can buy all these things with bitcoin, but how much you could save if you shop at Gift Off. This list is for a his and hers festival packing list for two.

Get 2% Gift Off Points when you prep for festival season with bitcoin

Head to the bottom of the list to see how much you can save! The total spend is high, but remember, this is the cost for 2 people to kit themselves out with supplies from scratch and that most of this stuff will last you for years and years.

Don’t forget you can save even more if you layer up your Gift Off Points with other voucher codes and promo codes!

Tickets Ticketmaster £195.00 £3.90 Depending which festival you go to, you might be able to buy your festival tickets at Gift Off!
Tent Amazon £162.90 £3.26 The number one item you’ll need! Get a good one to make sure your festival is comfortable and dry.
Airbed Amazon £34.28 £0.69 We also included batteries and a pump in this purchase.
Sleeping bags x2 Amazon £55.98 £1.12 This is the cost for 2 sleeping bags.
Travel pillows x2 Amazon £11.99 £0.24 This is a twin pack of comfy travel pillows.
Water carrier Amazon £5.99 £0.12 Don’t keep going to and from the taps. Keep a big supply of water at the tent for when you wake up in the night with absolutely no saliva.
Wellies Amazon £112.98 £2.26 This price covers a cheaper pair of wellies and a pair of Hunter wellies, which are a great, long-term investment.
Waterproof Amazon £120.00 £2.40 This price covers the cost of 2 good quality waterproofs.
Toiletries, including toilet roll, wet wipes and suncream Marks & Spencer £70.00 £1.40 £70.00 should be adequate for 2 people, especially, if like me, you need to bring quite a bit of makeup, batiste and factor 50.
Clothes Marks & Spencer / Amazon £400.00 £8.00 This gives a budge of £200 each for Summer clothes to last you all season as well as festival must haves like a hat, bags, socks, tights, etc.
Food Marks & Spencer £70.00 £1.40 Nuts, bread, peanut butter, cereal bars, crisps, pork scratchings. The more snacks you bring with you, the more money you’ll save while you’re at the festival!
Booze Marks & Spencer £100.00 £2.00 Same principle applies… the more you bring, the less you’ll have to spend on over-priced drinks when you’re there. For 2 people, this will cover a steady supply of beer, spirits and mixers!
Sack trolley Amazon £69.98 £1.40 This thing is worth its weight in gold. If you’ve never tried it, get one this year! The price includes the cost of delivery.
Camping chairs Amazon £34.23 £0.68 The price includes the cost of 2 chairs and the delivery charge. These chairs are so comfy and if the weather’s bad, you’ll be really grateful you brought them with you.
Large rucksack Amazon £47.97 £0.96 The price covers the cost of 2 large rucksacks and the delivery charge. Cram as much as you can into the bag on your back to save your arms when you’re hiking to your camping spot.
TOTALS £1,491.30 £29.83

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